1994 Toyota Hilux Surf - Drive Home

  • Опубликовано 27 Сентября 2016

    Автор: fraservalleyimports

    1994 Toyoat Hilux Surf, 3.0L Diesel, not the crappy 2.4. Big Tires, Crappy Roof Rack.. not sure what else to say about it.. Right hand Drive Japan import into Canada

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What is the cup holder situation like? 


the Cup holder hold 2 small to medium sized cups.. if you got a super size.. this isnt the truck for you.


Does that seat go any further back? It looks like it would be a little cramped for road trips.


This is how i fit into all cars.. its fine for road trips.. I find its only the sorta tall people that complain. (6'2' - 6'6") once your taller then that you realize that nothing was built for you, and you jsut make it work. 


1KZ? Yeah 2 LTE 2,4 L diesel engine is a real crap. As far as I know this awful engine is installed in some Mark 2 and Hiace models

Phoenix Drake

Hey, love your videos and a big fan. However, not to be rude, but I do believe that Hilux is pronounced Hi-lux, not hee-lex, Canadians may pronounce it differently or the Japanese might or maybe I've only ever heard it commonly on Top Gear and in Australia pronunciation. It was only after a recent video that I realized why you drive so many different cars. :) Keep up the awesome work on the awesome rides. I hope to one day see an Alfa Romeo on here. :)


Thats not rude at all.. i say it the way i like to say it.. lol. whatever works. Lets say that my way is the Canadian English version.. not the British or Austrailian English versions.. Alfa.. Hmmm.. ya your chances of seeing me in one of those is pretty slim.. Mainly cause im not a euro guy, but sometimes i get to drive euro cars.. so who knows

Phoenix Drake

Any chance of seeing a Nissan Elgrand? I love the Delica and every time I hear that you say you are 6'10, I think of only a few cars that you can fit into.......and all have heavy price tags. Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maybach.....these cars come to mind. Big, roomy, luxurious....oh....and between 150-300k a pop.


There will be an Elgrand video sometime early November, so stay tuned for that. really people that aren't tall just assume that tall people cant fit/wont try to fit in cars. Im tall and i drive what i want. lol

Phoenix Drake

Yeah, I know. I didn't say you couldn't drive any of the 'smaller' vehicles designed for people of average or short height, I just said that there are only a few vehicles that can accommodate people of such great height. Can you afford them? No. Can I? No. Do we need them? Not really. I don't have the same height issues, but I have encountered cars that even I (a foot shorter than you) have trouble getting into. Also, if there were no problems (year, price), what JDM car would you choose?

Phoenix Drake

And by year and price, I mean that /any/ car, no matter how new or old. What would be your ultimate choice as top dog? Mine would have to be the Nissan Patrol SUV, the 2000s model. It is rugged, has Nissan's dependability and is quite quick I believe. It also has fantastic styling and would be a beast off road.


Oh yeah 2-LT engine was total disappointment

Toyota Smooth Jazz

Youre the only one who has a right handed car

David B

"High" Lux

Nosnorb Repooc

what's the price on these hilux surfs?


im thinking of getting a 3 litre one of these after discounting a nissan patrol as ive heard they are really slow ...were these ever available with leather interior


lol man your knee is almost out the window! you need to be in something full size to fit comfortably mate