DIY Valve Clearance Adjustment Tutorial Toyota Hilux, Surf 22re Pickup rocker lifter check lash car

  • Опубликовано 27 Сентября 2016

    Автор: mrrikjit

    Valve clearance adjustment Toyota Hilux Surf 22re Pickup rocker lifter check top dead center lash crankshaft pulley intake exhaust feeler gauge measure distance timing ventil cover cylinder piston bascule mk3 vanne ajuster dégagement cylindre haut vilebrequin poulie mesurer mecedora levantador válvula ajustar espacio cilindro el punto muerto superior cigüeñal polea medir distancia วาล์ว Hebereinstellen Spiel Zylinder Kolben Kurbelwelle messen Abstand клапан регулировать バルブ クリアランス truck car

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Very proper tutorial.

Iryna Hall

Who the freak disliked this excellent video? What a lepton.


Thanks, great vid!

Chris U.

Thanks for this video. Very helpful! 


Awesome vid, thanks so much. 

Erik Savage

good shit. thanks


So the rockers got to be loose to adjust them? i have to do adjustment tomorrow . How loose are the rockers supposed to be? some of mine are pretty loose at tdc. just confused sein how the weight of the rocker rests on the valve stem with no resistance in the opposite direction when it is loose. any help would be great! 

Darek M

Isn't a valve check supposed to be done on a cold engine? Clearances would change with temperature, and once you run it, it would be harder to control at what temp you're doing your checks, so the best baseline would be a cold engine, no?


The Haynes Manual say to adjust them after the engine reaches operating temperature.I would assume its because metal expands as it heats up,I may be wrong. 


Thanks for posting this! I did a tuneup on my truck and it developed an intermittent hiccup afterward... which was really confusing. Did this as a last resort before taking it to a shop and voila, but issue was resolved! 


Good but we never heard a before and after..

Eric LoPresti

Do you have to change the gasket when you do this? the haynes manual says to, but this video does not seem to suggest it is necessary . 

Celtic Viking

so i adjusted my valves and it still ticks. How hard should the slight drag be with the feeler gauge?

rocco chiodo

I hate hot adjustments buy the time you get to the last one the motor has cooled down..i dont suggest anyone do this but the hot adjustment are normally about 2 thou larger size then the cold settings. but i do mine cold. my correct clearances are .009 hot and .0012 hot. but i do them cold at .007 and .0010 and it works out very well.also someone dont no where on 1 of the forums has set them cold then put the head in the oven and rechecked them come out pretty spot on...


Great video! Your first attempt to find TDC was 180 degrees off. So why didn't you just check and/or adjust the second set of valves that correspond to that position; than bring the pulley around to TDC and adjust those corresponding valves. The rotor will tell you what position the cam is in. Concerning temperature that you didn't mention or I missed; a heat gun or a hot hair dryer can help to keep the temperature around the valve train up to complete the process. As for making cold adjustments; define cold? 90 degrees out? 70? 40? 30? Again, a very good video that inspires confidence in the viewer to attempt this critical, but comprehensive aspect of proper engine maintenance and tune up. 


you make it look so EASY come to florida and adjust mine

John McDonald

you have make it on cold engine.

John Kunz

great video helpeda novice mechanic like me do it.... thanks from tennessee

Screww Googlle

Excellent video Mr. RIKJIT ! Much appreciated !

Jason Ervin

Great video, helped me alot. Thank u

Art Guess

THANK YOU THANK YOU, I watched a lot on the 22r v adj. and yours is the only one that gave a clear step by step how to do it and I did it first time ever doing this with the help of your excellent video!