Tamiya RC Nostalgia - The First Scaler in RC - Toyota Hilux 4x4 Pick Up

  • Опубликовано 27 Сентября 2016

    Автор: Matteo's RC Movies

    This is the second Episode of Tamiya RC Nostalgia. It shows the Tamiya Toyota Hilux 4x4 Pick Up Truck, released in 1981. Tamiya Model No. 58028

    The owner of this Truck is Marco, Youtube username: marlodf100 https://www.youtube.com/user/marlodf1...
    A big thanks to him to gave me the chance to produce this video of this iconic RC car!

    This is the first episode of Tamiya RC Nostalgia: http://youtu.be/Mxtt0FB2mWw

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Ein Traum, ich kann gar nicht mehr zählen, wie oft ich so Einen schon auf eBay gesucht habe! Vielen Dank fürs Zeigen! Ich hoffe Du machst aus "Tamiya RC Nostalgia" eine richtige Serie, hat mir sehr gut gefallen!

Tobi Lang


Stereodreieck RC

Mach bitte mal eine Videoserie in der du anderen (RC)Youtubern wie und womit man so geile Videos macht.


Hi Matteo ! Deine Videos sind immer super genial ! Wahrscheinlich ist der Hilux das schönste Scale Model, welches Tamiya jemals produziert hat. Es wäre schön, wenn du auch ein Video zum Thema Porsche 959 machen könntest ! Grüße Willi 

Gery's Modellbaublog

Cooles Video Matteo! Wenn ich mir das Video anschaue, bereue ich es das ich meinen Blackfoot modernisiert habe und vorallem das ich die Schachtel auc 1999 entsorgt habe :)


Geweldig, which is a dutch word for awesome. Really nice, I like these 'nostalgia' series! I can't wait for the next one! Thumbs up!


Sehr sehr schönes Video! Es ist wirklich super klasse!


Ahh..super! Das gefällt mir natürlich besonders :-) Konntest Du zum Glück einen von Marco ausleihen :-) ! Klaro, dass Du damit etwas gemächlicher unterwegs warst... Grüsse & auch an Marco (ich sollte mal wieder im Geschäft vorbeikommen....)

Manuel's RC Movies

Sehr schönes Video! Da sieht man mal, dass sich in den 30 Jahren nicht viel getan hat und Tamiya schon in den 80ern sehr fortgeschrittene Modelle gebaut hat. Ich finde es schön, dass es noch so gut erhaltenen Oldies gibt. 


Nothing beats the original!!

sator rotas

Magnificent video, I like the nostalgia for the 80s, furthermore for time(period) he(it) was early very of seen technology!!


nice video! awesome seeing that tranny work. 


Really awesome how this truck is still better than a standard scx10 nowadays!


That is a really cool RC!

Bob Uppendown

Fantastic work Matteo! Keep these videos coming!!! ;) By the way.....I am a bloke....not a girl! ;)

Devolution RC

Beautiful restoration! Magnificent model! 

Jacob Hayden

That os awesome 1981 is the year i was born so its the same age as me 33 and man thats truly remarkable for back then real lockers on the front oh man i have to have a chassis like that for a build


What a great video! I love the combination of studio pieces and beautifully shot outdoor footage - there are some wonderfully period-perfect shots here! The look of the thing is so convincingly "Super 8" cine... With nearly 50% of viewers so far having clicked "like" I´m clearly not alone in thinking that this video is a masterpiece of the amateur rc videomaker´s art : )

Tybos “Tybo's RC Motorsports” RcMotorsports

Wow Matteo! You did a perfect job filming the legend. I've always wanted one. Do you think Tamiya will ever rerelease this RC? Thanks sharing dude!!! =]

Budget Guy RC

awesome rig great presentation congrats to your friend for letting us see this beauty have fun rcing

RC Crawler Workbench

Very cool. Another one of the trail trucks that paved the way. Thumbsup


Great chassis. Late autumn forest of movie also beautiful.

joker rc

nice one buddy ,


I greatly appreciate for show up inside and systems this RC, its very interesting!! also running scenes are pleasing to the eye. and music nice too.


Beautiful truck...awesome vid. Too bad Tamiya made such stiff suspensions in the 80s. It's always cool to see the suspension at work in your videos.

pitstep RC Channel

Boah will haben xD Super Auto und TOP Video

Hans Nuta

Vielen Dank Matteo, dass du deine tollen Videos mit uns teilst. Ich freu mich immer, wenn es was neues gibt. Weiter so! Andreas 

Binbin Ben

Once again, it is a great video. You will thank your friend for this car. I did not know the details of this model. See you soon!


Very beautiful video! Well that could revive this Tamiya model, but with today's technology. Congratulations!


Running and under the shell vid all in one cheers buddy loved it didnt realise it had those free wheeling front hubs. A very nice example your using buddy


woaw very nice


Hoi Matteo, Video ist wirklich Super geworden. Muss mal meinen Estrich durchsuchen, vielleicht finde ich noch etwas gelangweilt rumliegendes. Aber leider habe ich vor ein paar Jahren vieles Verschenkt. Gruss Marco und auch einen Gruss an Daniele, hoffe Du kommst auch wieder mal im Geschäft vorbei. 


Super Video,Technik die begeistert, tolles Teil

dragon model

looks like a fun truck

Scale Adventures

perfektes Video! Faszinierende Technik an einem über 30 Jahre alten Tamiya Hilux! Super gemacht!


Great video as usual, really brings back the old RC memories, would be great to have one of those classics. 


sehr, sehr schön - genau der fehlt mir noch in der Sammlung! ;)


Another great video of Tamiya history.


Damn! I have this model inherited from my grandfather, complete with a vintage wooden futaba controller. sadly the front axle was broken and I cant find the parts anywhere :(

Mark Steel

Matteo, is it possible to use or mod the Tamiya Bruiser or Mountain rider to look like a Toyota 4x4 pickup truck?


pinkze he say " just watched a load of RC videos on here but looks like I saved the best till last ! This is a very good tribute to Tamiya as always and a joy to watch , so thank you my You Tube friend Matteo ! "

razr mama

Hallo Matteo, ich habe dich schon länger abonniert und viele deiner tollen Videos gesehen. Deine Kameraführung ist genial, ob nah oder fern immer perfekte Bilder. Hast du einen Kameramann dabei oder wie machst du die fantastischen Aufnahmen? 

Christopher Fisher

Very inspiring! Thank you!


Sehr schöne Erinnerung! Habe aus der "Zeit" noch den Blazing Blazer (Erstbesitzer) und den Karton .Der Blazer war ja ähnlich aufgebaut,Tamiya verzichtete aber auf den elektronischen Fahrtenregler verbaute aber dafür weichere Sandpaddel Reifen.


Matteo, you do the best Tamiya videos! Thanks again for sharing!


It's at Barry nice truck I saw the beautiful

Jovy Voon

Nice video! Thanks!


Brilliant Video.. :)

m ali Hajji

man you are the best.

RC Performance Studio

Super video

Just Me

I was going to say get the wheels polished, but it's your friends Hilux, so tell him. Mine only took me 5 hours by hand :) Nice video as always Matteo

RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7

Awesome truck and beautiful video. This bad boy was released on my birthday :) Looking forward to buying a Tamiya mountain rider soon 

M Wolfe

Another great video Matteo, what a great classic truck. I remember when this truck first came out, I was 9 years old. I got my first Tamiya catalog and looked at it endlessly until I got my first Frog for my 11th birthday. Your videos bring back great memories, thank you.

funny vids

Great video :) where can I get one ? I really want one 


Thank you for a very nice video as always from you. Impressive to see a 30 year old rc so well restored, or it really say a lot about the Tamiya quality when it is this nice after 30 years. They way this Tamiya Hilux is built is only done by Tamiya today, the other brands are not near this quality. Impressive with wheel hub locking of the diffrensials, hopefully Tamiya make a model with this exlusive feature again. A super collective car, hopefully they make a re-release faithfully to the original. Thanks again for a nice presentation as always. Cheers.

Mikey mike

that's an awesome truck, you can see just how raw and forceful it looks. it's absolutely immaculate and well cared for. Sweet :)

John Gabriel

Watching this beautiful video makes me sad. My father passed away this summer. When I was a teenager in the 80s, I wanted this truck so bad. Although we weren't rich, he bought it for me and I was the happiest kid ever. 9yrs ago I sold it. I regret not having the truck anymore bc it reminds me of my father's love. I think of the sacrifices parents make for their kids.

Fride Rc

super Nostalgie.....

Golden Manuever



Alle die die original Federung zu hart finden haben einfach zu leichte Akku´s drin. Der "Nachteil" der leichten LiPo´s.

Michael Thomas

Ein wunderbares Auto, immer schön vorsichtig fahren, Bitte! Klasse Info, sehr guter mix zwischen Fahraktion und Erklärungen. TOP

Deen Nitro

Awesome,just awesome


What a beautiful truck