RC ADVENTURES - Trailer Rollover - Chevy Duramax & Toyota Hilux

  • Опубликовано 27 Сентября 2016

    Автор: RCSparks Studio

    Click to Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU - OFF ROAD mayhem ensues when attempting to reach remote camping spots in the deep back woods.. and towing a fifth wheel, triple axle trailer. It's up to the witts and maneuverability of the two trucks to get things tight and tidy.. and to always get back on the trail! The powerful Chevy Duramax diesel is able to pull this mighty homemade trailer, but it seems that it could use a helping hand on the trail while trying to reach the destination spot. I am driving the Toyota Hilux and I am glad I am equipped with many tow straps and mounting points. I have a 16lb truck - and it is very top heavy. Some may notice that my front suspension is stiff - and the rear suspension has a 4 Link, with softer flex. This is to offset the weight of my Roll Cage and Hard Body.

    I sure am glad we were able to get the trailer to the camping spot, as when we went wheelin' in the MUD it was the Duramax who was able to get us unstuck!

    A Special thanks to Ogden RC - AKA Sean for bringing his home made trailer and truck for an RC ADVENTURES film for all to enjoy! Really cool how creative people can get with the Radio Control Hobby

    Enjoy the show, my friends!

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Hans Brøgger

What a nice little tent.

Hay707 Productions

The new mission impossible

Austin Draper

Wiggle wiggle wiggle lol great video man 

Amanda Blizzard

is that a card board camper

Jesse Calderon

U gays should do a truck and trailer but the trailer should have the rc beatbox on it. 

The RC FILMS Studio

I love this video do more like it please

Lawrence Ray

Cool truck 

James Stokes

the struggle is real

Tman Rocks (Tman)

hey sparks where can I get a chevy just like that

Tman Rocks (Tman)

+RC Sparks Studio™ great video chevorlet made it even better

Tman Rocks (Tman)

oops +RCSparks Studio™

อลงกรณ์ พิมานพนารักษ์

Soi Poe u what

Wyatt Colborne

send me a RC

Anthony Herbert

This video make chevy look bad 

l bossking

This is cool est video ever I can't stop watching it

l bossking

This is cool est video ever I can't stop watching it

Ali Pershia

aaaaa boring

Braden Tvorov

need looking drama and 5th wheel

Braden Tvorov

did you build the hitich out of lego pieces?


Hey man, I've been watching your videos all day. I'm loving every bit of it and I'm intrigued. I've never had an rc like one of these and I'm ready to start. I've done some research and I know I want an axial, but you are the professional. as a first timer lookin to do some crwawling and recreational use what is your recommendation? much appreciated!

jacob d. patterson

where can u buy the chevy body for axial scx10

Renee Marquis


V For Vendetta (V)

What RC is the Duramax? Axial wraith?

rc Ohio

Jeez Medic! You helped your buddy all those times on the trail and he lets you sleep in a tent? What a dick!

clash gemer

it's a Chevy of course it can't pull

Pat Viso

Hello, My grandson would lilke a Adventures Trailer Rollover Chevy Duramax & Toyata Hilux.We need to find out who to get in contact with and how much they costwe need email address and if possible a phone # My Grandson Thanks you.


where do u get your stuff from


... and they still forgot the beer.

Colin Ballistic

RCSparks Studio how do you make this trucks?Like the chevy im new to the channel

Chris Comer

what is the Toyota hilux and did you make the tube cage around it

jaime mesta

you could have probably pulled the rv with no help if you move up the 5th wheel directly on top of the back wheels and it should also keep the front tires from going up


I could hear the trailer saying "I'm not going to make it, go on without me" lol Great video as always bro!

Jackie W

Where where do you get these cars ?

Jackie W

Where where do you get these cars ?

Aaron Cone

how you gonna take a rv and have a tent but I like your vids tbh

the redneck Witty

if u had a ford u wouldn't have that problem



Carter Lee

Good video and good luck


Just watched this again a few months later. More amazing than I remembered!

Gwen McClure

That was cool. Made me laugh. That is one tough camper, not even a scratch or dent. :)

kurtis paauw

yes they did


That's a cool looking camper!

Julian Carter


Antonia Ferreira


Nathaniel Mathies

I don't think anyone with a half million dollar 5th wheeler would take it on those trails, but awesome video!

Justin jd5055e

glad the Toyota hilx was there to bale out that duramax nice video shot of camp site while driving away to get dirty awesome music

Fausto Fernando Trujillo Ferrera

es un mierda es un puto video que no sirve puto

Michael Trussell

Where did you purchase the Duramax body I have looked a lot and can't find one like it?

Samuel Gallant

Ford can't pull any better

Newfie Rider

I like this video so much. but on a real trailer there is safety chains to make sure it does'nt let go. you should try to build a set.

what am i

are tose working live axles

Lynn Cowburn

awwww it a tiny tent how cute

Schritter Eduard

can anyone tell me a web site from where can i buy a truck ??? ..... im from europe

kayden daubenmire

I like the way you get stuck in the mud for fun!

Bill Wilson

Poor truck

The Gaming Hunter

It would be easier with a ford or a ram


that was an awesome video makes me want to go camping and do some off roading

David Oliver


David Oliver

Why a Chevy they suck

David Oliver

I dis liked this video because u use a Chevy

David Oliver

I mean in the video tthe Toyota hilux is doing better is

David Oliver

What it's not my falt a Chevy sucks

David Oliver

Try using. A ford or a dodge ram

David Oliver

But ur outher videos are coo


I imagine my VW Amarok getting stuck there often it's only 2WD

Paul Viso

hello I am Paul and I am 10 years old and I was wondering how much the chevy duramax and the Toyota hilux sell for ? thank you Paul

Elias Palomo

que piola

Elias Palomo

aguante la toyota hilux 4x4 turbo


the Chevy cant do shit.......so scale

Rugido V8

chevy= shit!, Toyota= ♥

Valeria Brambila

Asks jaws anba

Rahman Mega Yusuf

wow bagus

George Brailsford (AandEI)

I would not be camping in this terrain with that expensive of a trailer! Lol.

Braxton Johnson

Where did you get the Chevy body?

Christopher Morris

Where did he get the chevy duramax body from? It looks so scale.

Anselmo Garcia



It needs stacks.

Henry Kurek

Its funny how My camper looks the exact same...

Tyler Moreira

What trucks re u using

Corey Thompson

I want to no how can you show me all your RC

Randy Keller (CountedMarrow15)

You know why he wasn't pulling it so well... its a Chevy. Should have gotten a Dodge Ram 2500 with a cummins.

Paul Viso

Hi it's me Paul I only have a Traxxas/2 Wheel Dr. is that OK or no


Dude i've been watching RC Sparks videos for like 4 hours tonight! Seriously man, the video quality and just your passion for this hobby is awesome!

Klay Morgan

+ randy its a rc but I get your point I like chevy and dodge epualy

Cheta Johnson

I like it

Cheta Johnson

I like it

Cheta Johnson

I like it


Might have to get out and let air out of them tires to gain traction

Dr.Jase Anderson

is the fifth wheel custom?

Dr.Jase Anderson

ok its homemade

Dr.Jase Anderson

does that sweet chevy have a 2 cell in it

Abc456 Stewart

Nice vid

Dr.Jase Anderson

or a 3s battery


what size trucks are these ?

Voluble Mayor 24

cuanto te cuestan los carros saludos de tijuana

Scotty tomcat

great video

Michael Allgeier

I cannot find this body anywhere

Jerry Smith

haha that's awesome my Uncle Jimmy had a truck just like that Chevy 2500 4 door with a 45-foot gooseneck trailer with slide outs on it wish she was still here alive so I can show it to him

Jay Arsenault

watching the vid at 0.5 speed makes it seem more lifesized

andrea Trail

Is the trailer one you made or can it be bought from a manufacturer? Please let me know thanks, have a intreasted son.