RC ADVENTURES - Blue Beater goes Mudding - Toyota Hilux 4x4 Trail Finder 2 RC4WD

  • Опубликовано 27 Сентября 2016

    Автор: RCSparks Studio

    Click to Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU - Time to try out these great tires in some mud. Yes, they are 2.2 sized Super Swampers and are filled with dirty water now.. but hell - It's for a great show! This model is a RC4WD Trail Finder 2, based off the very popular Toyota Hilux truck. I have completely upgraded this vehicle to an all steel drive line, custom suspension setup, waterproof servo for steering, waterproof servo for 2spd transmission, waterproofed Tekin FXR ESC and 35t brushed motor. The receiver is a waterproof Spektrum system.

    Some folks wonder what the fascination is with these tiny trucks. The fact that they are completely moddable and have SO many customizations available - or the fact the operate very close to how larger trucks do - you can really try and risk things you never would in full scale! And even better.. at a Fraction of the cost.

    Anyways.. todays video is a sample of my imagination - I hope you enjoy it!

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Bailey Dunn

really cool

Anthony Eaglebarger (toysoldier46552)

Nice now if only you get your electric 5t back online after the initial mishap that would be awesome, thumbs up, great work man!


Top notch production my friend. It's getting tougher to distinguish your videos like this from full scale.

xristos kalandrias

this video goes to my top ten on yt. medic


wow nice Video great job!

alberto girardi

Have you increase the off-set of wheels ti not touch the springs?

Tough in The Lou

In the middle of the video, I turned and showed my wife. I said "Look at this guy in his truck." she said "That's a pretty truck. I wouldn't take that out in all that mud." (she thought it was real. lol)

Sammy Dionne

i love all your videos you enspired me to get into the rc habbie keep up good vids medic

linkin minius

this is very very nice cool

Gabriel Hernandez

hey love your vids i think u and your family are awsome and i am trying to get into rc but my hobby shop got broken into i dont know wat to do do u have any tips for me


great mud truck, but wheres the snorkel? lol.

Marcus Rowan

you seem to use brushed motors allot, are they better?

Hayden “dank memes” Fennell

Is there any way you could do a Pro Boat Stealthwake 23 review kinda thing? I want to get into RC boating and overall RC's and the Stealthwake seems affordable and good, but I can't find anything about it. Also, your videos are awesome keep up the good work dude!

ochoa joshua

Do a crawler video

Harrison Taggart

medic, how do you always find such good music?

Zach Peiffer

Do the mastercraft rc ski boat

daniel bash

Love the vid! But missing some studio videos always enjoyed them


1:08-1:09 time i the video the hood/corner of it any way did


love your vids man I've been following your vids for about two years now and they just keep getting better, not to be rude but I would like to see another build series if you don't mind dude if not I still love the vids keep up the good work

Quashon Johnson

RCSPARKS man ive been watching since 2012. You have never let me down! Thanks for the entertainment! nice videos!

Let's Try RC

Sweet truck man. working on putting some scale items on my Revo 1/10. I really enjoy how much detail it adds just adding like a gas tank, chains or ropes. Im starting a "Mad Max" project if you know what i mean since i use my car for fast desert running. Hopefully i can put some detail to make it look like a desert scavenger. If it looks badass like your stuff maybe i can show it see what you think. Keep up the sweet work man.


Omg I love that truck I must have one or I shall perish..

Mikey Tube

talk about the big dirty lol and are brushed motors water proof

Jeff Thorpe

Awesome model and a great video Dude, really enjoyed. Thanks!

Franky goes to Hobbywood

a brilliant video..!


Awesome rig, nice camera work, brilliant music. Great work, thumbs up!

stefanakis vaggelis

Great scale yota great video my friend!!! I always wonder how do you clean your cars from mud or dust !!! I think many people want to see a video with tips about cleaning dirty rc cars!!! Waterproofed or not...... Thank you...

Daniel Pomfret

g day mate great vid nice music with the didgeridoo

Jax Teller RC

Gotta love the sound of a Didgeridoo, crazy Aussie instrument ha ha, just a hollow log! Super Sick video here, such a pleasure to watch. That truck looks great mate, especially covered in sticky black mud (-:

Jim H

Great video!! Always a huge fan of all of your vids. I get on every morning in my office at work to see your latest and greatest!! All you need for the blue beauty is a snorkel for the air intake :)

Sinister RC

Medic! First off great channel, I have seen so many of your videos and am excited about posting videos of my next build on my channel. With that, I am getting ready to build by first crawler and will be using the SCX10 platform, I want to do a winch and lights, how many channel receiver will I need? I am guessing 4; 1) ESC 2) Servo 3) lights 4) winch. Let me know if I am missing something. Lastly my only current kit vehicle is my Yeti which I salvaged a radio and receiver from my old Team Durango DESC210 from to run, could you recommend a radio, I am looking at the Futaba 4PLS, I am trying to stay around $250 for my radio.


are you sure those are 2.2s? those look like stock ascender tires and wheels.

Francisco Contreras Medina

hi men

Francisco Contreras Medina

Im more like you videos

Ichabod Bryant

I think that all electric RC should have engine sound's Medic you make the best Videos and sound


*cool video!*

James Chavez

pimp truck man keep doing what you do

Backwood Mud Boggerz

hi sparks really enjoy your work.I'm getting back into the rc hobby with my oldest son and have a out dated stampede but more into the mods like crawlers etc. im on a very tight budget do you have any advice in picking a starter maybe even one to build from scratch? any help would be appreciated.

Rhys “Deadpool” Gontko

Very nice DJ

nomessingaround RC

hey we love your channel, who doesn't right. we are a new channel on you tube and we trying to figure out what camera to buy, we are asking you because all your work is so good! thank for your help and sick videos. @RCSparks Studio



bryan Thompson

Amazing quality of the video and i love the detail of the rig. love your videos keep up the great work man you never disappoint

OverlyAttached Bean

+RCSparks Studio™ where can I buy some rc sparks stickers? I'd love them all over my pc and rc

Marcus Duong

If you get another rc get a traxxas e revo 1/8 scale brushless

Sam Jason

Dude can u do a e revo video please

Jimmy Miller

+RCSparks Studio I just started my channel yesterday, I do not have any videos yet and have few Remote Control trucks. What would you recommend I show for my first video? (Also, I found out about you a couple years back, and I have been watching video's ever since. Keep up the phenomonel work! :))

marco “t500” jonker

Make a RC hybrid that uses a electric motor and a gas motor so you can see how long you can make a RC vehicle run :D


awesome video , very interesting

Ryley W

+RCSparks Studio™ awesome video(as always) and awesome truck

kc ops airsoft

HEY man I love your channel and have watched it since i was little and you got my in to rc and now I have a highly upgraded brush less traxxes rustler. Thank you.

Sammy Dionne

is a axial wraith a good rock crawler

southernboyz 140

I have always wanted a Traxxas but my family dose not have much money

Levi RC

very good Video


I have a new rc channel pls go subscribe for awesome rc videos and im looking for helpers if you want to help and post some rc videos reply to this comment and @rcsparks I would be amazed if you subscribed to my channel please do if you can if not that's fine kep it up:)

Bradley Mcarthur

I like it

Zack Carlson

love watching RCSparks awesome RC videos

Mary Cymbalski

Can you guys make more videos of the big truck

Brody Prescott

+RCSparks Studio I race dirt oval rcs ever thought of that for a new series????


Can some1 sub to me ? i will sub to him

Tracey Geurts

where do you buy got rc cars in Australia

erick wisher


Sasa De Marino


Sasa De Marino

is Very Very wow

Randy Redekop


Hans Brøgger

Helo you need to make a unboxing vidio of the traxxas funny car:-)

Hans Brøgger

Sory i mean video :O

Dirty D's RC

Love that yoda.


great video... love the truck!!!


great video... love the truck!!!


what batteries do you run or recomened for a traxxas rustler

- UnKilledSniper -

I'm 25 I Need a Job in my skills. If you paid me 10$ a hr 60hrs a week to clean every RC. You could make vids each day I could help you format them by night ???

Can Aktas

how do you mount a gopro to rc car

Spencer Thurlow

what happened to ttc yesterday

Spencer Thurlow

ok thanks when will you post it so excited.

Spencer Thurlow

what the best basher for under 400$

Carol White

what is a cheap reliable beginer rc?

Zander Lema

Can I ask you one question? What do u use to waterproof your stuff

Zander Lema

Cause I'm getting the axial scx10 and I want want to waterproof my jeep rtr

Zander Lema

Or do u just get waterproof electronics for all of your card

Zander Lema


Theillest MVP

nice filming, great work. get well soon bro.

nathan vlogs

redcat racing RS10 you will love it


ya cant beat muddin fun ! great show bro ! love the look of that rig !

Shane Laxton

Where could I buy this?


oh ok

ApplePie Gamer

What scale is this truck

Joao Raposa


Emilio Arroyo

how long does the battery last or should I say how long can you use them before charging them

MW3 Gaming

Do yall sell fully water proof rc's??

Justin jd5055e

that truck is a beast


I need one of these beast's also perfect choice of music

‫أم عبدالعزيز‬‎


Gracie Upchurch

that was cool

Kevin Vasquez

where did you get the fenders

RD Cards

thinking about getting this truck...hmm

Dragunok Daox

what does 4x4 and 6x6 mean?!?!?!?

Cailyn Adams

I want that Rc so bad can you please give me the rc

Sydney Ellis

I would like to have a trail finder like big blue

Mad Power

Very cool ;) nice acion...what is the music please.i love this instruments :) i like psicadelic music and chill


how much does it costs ?