How to program keyless entry remote for 2003-2008 Toyota Corolla, tacoma, yaris & Matrix

  • Опубликовано 31 Августа 2016

    Автор: Adam Bednarz

    In this video I will show you how to program a replacement keyless entry remote control for a 2005 Toyota Corolla. This should work on 2003 to 2008 Corollas. make sure you have the correct transponder model # GQ43VT14T . It is the FCC ID number but has to be same style since the same FCC ID is used for other Toyotas. I also got feedback from people watching my videos that these steps worked on their following cars Matrix / Tacoma / Yaris / Camry / Celica / Scion TC. So this may work on more models.

    1. Start by sitting in the car with the key out of the ignition, Open drivers door. (step 2 and 3 has to be done within 5 seconds)
    2. Insert the key into the ignition and Pull it out
    3. Insert the key into the ignition and Pull it out

    Perform these steps within 40 seconds. Drivers door is still open.
    3. Close drivers door and open the drivers door.
    4. Close drivers door and open the drivers door.
    5. Insert the key into the ignition and Pull it out

    6. Close drivers door and open the drivers door.
    7. Close drivers door and open the drivers door.
    8. Insert the key into ignition and leave it in ignition.
    9. Close the drivers door.
    10. Turn the ignition to the "ON" position and then to "OFF" position.
    11. Pull out the key from the ignition.

    ** the power door locks should lock then unlock so you are in programming mode and ready to program the remotes. If this does not happen start again.

    Remote programming has to be done within 40 seconds.
    12 Press both the lock and unlock buttons on the remtoe for about 1 and 1/2 seconds then let go
    13 Press lock button for 2 seconds and let go. The car doors should lock and unlock. If they do then you are ready to program the next remote.

    14 Open drivers door to end programming mode.

    Some models that this has worked on are Matrix, Tacoma, Yaris, Camry, Celica, Scion TC and model years were 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 and I think Someone had a 2010 but not sure anymore. Hope this has helped you and let me know if your car is not on this list.

    Copyright © 2015 Adam Bednarz. All Rights Reserved.

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Hien Huynh

Great! My Toyota Yaris 2008 works like a charm. Much appreciated ! 

steve wolfhope

Took less than a minute on my 2005 tacoma,awesome,thanks 

Daniel Pabon

Worked awesome! Thank you so much

Mini UN

Hi, I couldn't enter programming mode? My Toyota Corolla Ascent 2003 is in Australia, so I tried the driver's door (front right) and passenger door (front left). Maybe there's a different code outside of America?

prabhjot bains

will doing this reset all remotes? my car keys got stolen and I want to reprogram the remote I have so the stolen remote wont work. When you did this, did it reset all remotes and make the ones not reset inoperable? Thanks

Dat Haru

Will it work for Toyota Corolla CE 2005 ???? Please help !!

Michael Omwoyo

You're the man. Tried it and it worked like magic. Very impressed!!!

Naseam Samaan

This also works for matrix. Mechanic confirmed.

May Vue

Thanks for the video. When you first start, the driver's door is open and unlocked. All the other doors are closed. Are the other doors locked or unlocked?

chris estrada

I hold both buttons for 1.5 seconds then press the lock button and the doors unlock then lock but my remote controller doesn't work 

Joseph Leyva

Thanks work for me. Nice Tutorial. 

wasim haider

My car is 2004 Toyota estima areas. It got automatic sliding door.which normally has separate opening remote.which I don't have.will I be able to use this remote for that

Rich Davis

Hi Adam, 2005 Corolla owner here. My red "Security" light keeps blinking and won't stop. I don't know why, It doesn't do it when I'm driving, it blinks after I park the car. I'm sitting in my living room and I can see the red light blinking in my driveway I didn't get a new key or remote key. Do you have any idea how to stop it? Thank you very much. 

Rich Davis

Hi Adam, I believe I figured it out, seems the red Security light is supposed to flash when the car is parked, its a security feature, to discourage someone from breaking in. So I can relax, it doesn't drain the battery and it is very noticeable and probably serves a good purpose. Thanks for helping us fix problems.


Worked on my 2003 Tacoma 4x4 Double cab!

Willie Walker

This didn't work for me at all! Spent days trying to get this working, car never enters programming mode. 


Thanks for the vid, this made it so much easier


Thanks you.. Your video got me up and going again, with a new keyless entry !! 

Chuyi Cui

Hi Adam, your video is of great help! I successfully programmed the remote for my 2007 corolla. However, the remote also has a button to open the trunk. How can I program to make that button work? 

Annette Trejo

Got it on my first try after a few times watching. Thanks for saving me a butt ton of money! :)

Leslie Henderson

Any suggestions on if my keyless entry doesn't have separate lock and unlock buttons? Its just a single button that serves both functions. It also has a trunk button and a button with an asterisk on it that I am not sure the purpose of. Its an Avital 3100LX 3-Channel Keyless Entry. I bought the car used last month and the seller told me that the keyless entry "used to work". I took the keyless entry thing by a locksmith and he tested it saying that the battery was good and it was transmitting. I can get my matrix into programming mode like in your video but then I am not sure how to proceed since it only has a single lock/unlock button. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Cát Tường Đỗ

Tkss guy awsome! I worked on my camry 2004 

Alicia Stewart

I have a toyota corolla 2007 ce I tried your instructions. And nothing happened please help Abs.

Mike Gómez

Hello, few days ago began to fail the alarm in my Toyota Corolla. basically is activated by itself and panic is also activated. What I can do? thanks

Muhammad Bhatti

thank you soo much worked on my camry 07 absolutely perfect..


does it work with a toyota yaris?

Luis Font

Thak You soo much , It works "Tacoma 2007" Puerto Rico .

Stauros Arvanitakos

no work

Mik bejar

Hi im following all the steps on my TOYOTA PRIUS 2004 teorically seens the same steps but when the car is ready to programing i press the new remote control and just locks and unlocks i cant get program it , i dont know if can help me w this may be im missing one step plzz

Dado Monte

This worked on my 2006 Toyota Yaris, European model. Thanks for uploading this video, it is easy to follow and there is no chance you could make a mistake. Thanks!

Val Averett

I tried a couple other so-called Toyota 4runner Key fob programming, but your video is the only one that worked. Thanks...saved $30.00 bucks by not having the dealer do it.


Oh My God!! It was so easy the way you showed. I cannot believe what the dealership wanted to charge for the exact same thing! Thank you soooo much!!!!


Worked for me great guide! 

Dwight Castillo

I own a 2007 Toyota Corolla S. I go step by step and when the "Lock Cycle" should me there, there's nothing happens, I've even followed synchronized with the video and nothing happens, there's something I could do?

Punit Saini

Hi Adam, thanks for uploading the video, it does takes my 2002 camry in programing mode but can't program the remote buttons. Any thoughts?

Enron Grunge

Some progress - I got the doors to lock and unlock using a remote I'd just bought from a wrecker, but it won't get past the immobilizer. I'll keep looking and won't rule out a fault with the ignition transponder... thanks for uploading.


this instructions works perfect for my Toyota Prius 2001, Thank you so much.

cozz zuss

can someone help me? i have a toyota altis 2006. my spare key is working but the remote in the spare key wont work

Lim He Lium

My toyota 2007 only has one single button for lock and unlock. How to do it for such vehicle?

Rasi Rasi

Toyota corolla car key lose wat i do? 2008 model corola car key sensor or without sensor?

Aaron Sottile

Nice work! This process worked on my 2007 Toyota Matrix. Thank you!

Mick B

Thanks a bunch man! The directions I got with the remote I ordered where wrong. This video worked perfectly. Thank you for sharing this, A+

Omar Hafud

The first part of your instructions worked with me completely but the second part which is hold pressing Lock and Unlock buttons both did not work. Can you help please. My car is Corolla 2005 LE.

Sriram Devalapuram

Thanks a lot friend. It worked perfectly. I just followed the same directions and programmed successfully.

Bri w (willbo)

do you have a way to programme a remote for a 2009 yaris? you say this is up to 2008

Kenneth London

I have a 2003 Corolla CE and this doesn't work for my vehicle. Tried half a dozen times. Does the vehicle have to have full power accessories for key less entry to work? My Corolla only has power locks and not power windows.

Itzel Vazquez

I need help with my toyota solara 2004 convertible, I get to all the steps but as soon as I open the door to finish it still doesn't work

Sudarshan Murty

Great vid - thx for sharing. Now I am off shopping for the fob & key.

Landon Beyer

Do you have to have a keyless remote with you to put it in programming mode?

Danille Humphrey

I bought a fob that has the truck button too.. In the step where you have to hold the lock and unlock button for 1.5 seconds do you have to hold the trunk button too?


Worked for me :) thankssss


Worked for me :) thankssss

Bruno Martins

Worked perfectly

David de la Vega

hi, i have two cars, a 2004 corolla le and a 2005 corolla ce. on the first one your instructions worked perfectly but on the second never reach the programming mode. any idea??? would really help me a lot!!!

Cristhofer Ramirez

What about a 2001 toyota corolla S

John Lepper

Great video, right on target


thank you!worked perfect


Please don't say basically. Doesn't add anything useful to the instructions.

Rolerson Paule

It worked for my 05 Matrix. Thank you for sharing!

Hyobel Deocares

Thanks! It worked on the smart key I bought (from eBay) for my Toyota Corolla Verso 2007! For the step where ignition must be turned on without starting the engine, I just needed to quickly release the clutch pedal before the engine starts. Corolla Verso does not have a turnkey slot.

isaac zuniga

hello, I've done what you have asked like 20 times! I made sure to follow each instruction precisely. I am having no luck with my 2006 taco. please someone, I really need some help.

jobs 1978

Thank you very much..


Hi thank you so much for this video. We followed your steps today and it worked!! Dealership wanted $180.00 for a new remote or if a new computer was needed 500.00 to 600.00. WE are back in business thanks to you :) :) :)


Adam we are glad it worked too. My husband took his cell phone to the car and watched the video while following your steps. :)

guilherme ferreira

works on toyota corolla 2005 from europe?

Isamar Garcia

Awesome Video ..Thank You so much!!!


Amazing, Thanks, It worked flawlessly on my 2006 Yaris t3.

Tsuki Majo

I have a 2006 toyota solara it worked perfectly . thank you so much .

Kristen Atkinson

Totally worked! 2004 Toyota Tacoma with 2 remotes purchased on eBay from "keylessking" for $30 with free shipping. I'm a happy gal!

Taha Zaqzouq

Thanx so match its working in Camry 2005 USA specification

Brian TWiN

it worked for 03 camery

ramkumar n

Hi. I have totyota yaris.. Doors are locked and unlocked but Antitheft alarm beep is not working.. above steps will solve issue?


Thank you very much for your posting. It worked right at the first try for my Toyota Corolla 2007.

Robert Arrubla

I just purchased a 2006 corolla that had been in a wreck. I ordered the keyless on ebay. I tried the programing 7 times and did not work. Never got the clicks for programing mode. the car does have power doors and windows. Any suggestions of what to check?

Mike Cull

You're awesome. Never would have figured the instructions out without this video.

Meeka Gordan

hey, just wondering will it work for a 2005 echo sedan and will it stuff with my other keys or the locking system if I do this ??

Nuclear Matt

Tried this numerous times on my 2008 Corolla and nothings working. Am I missing something?

Raúl Guillermo

worked like a charm for my corolla 06 thanks

matthew horten

I thought this was a hilarious joke....but it worked. haha

Ernie Cendana

Hi, thank for the video. worked great for my 2007 Tacoma

Rey reys

It worked for me. It takes less than two minutes to program it. I only paid $12 dollars on Ebay with shipping included for a used original Toyota control remote. Thank you.


I have a 2001 Toyota Corolla with 2 remotes not working. How would it be different, please?

Boone Sanders

Everything worked fine until the end when I went to push lock nothing happens. Unlock works but my blinkers both blink and lights as well. I have a 2003 Pontiac vibe and was told it's the same as a matrix. What am I doing wrong?

key maker

thank you men?

Mervin Fajilan

Got everything right until the time i need to pair the remote. car always goes "Lock&Unlock" followed by another "Lock&Unlock" response from the car when i try to press both buttons from the remote in 1 sec like its telling me a "no". when i try the remote, nothing happen

Dcrush 02368

So do I just purchased it and just do that or the car need to have already have a keyless entry

Kai Husen

This totally worked! Thanks for the tutorial! 2005 Corolla S

Tatiana Gorbunova

worked perfectly on my 04 Corolla! Thank you!

pro gamer

Does this work for toyota corolla 2006 ce ? I try but I couldnt I followed all steps but no


Awesome video and instructions. I tried this on my 2003 corolla S and it worked perfectly.

Simon Job

Would this work for 2016 Corolla L?

Jonathan Parada

Thank you so much! It worked on my Scion tC too!!


I thought he was just fucking with me at first

César Castillo

It worked for my 08 FJ Cruiser. Thank


tyvm sir, worked like a charm on 04 camry

nedzad hota

hi for my yaris 2004 works only the first ADD one time from lock to on and back the doors closess and open but for REWRITE that means 2 times from lock to on the doors not responding so I only use manually to open can you help me please?



Jose Gomez

Adam, thank you so much for share this video--

Jose Gomez

i have a toyata camry 2008, this video work for it?

Mannan Waheed

worked on my 2006 scion tc ..... thanks a lot!!!