2014 New TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA Four - Exterior & Interior

  • Опубликовано 27 Сентября 2016

    Автор: Driver's High Channel

    majesta crown
    Hello!! and welcome to Driver's High Channel!!

    In today's video is 2014 New TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA Four.

    I'll introduce the exterior and interior.

    Please enjoy!!

    Thank you!!

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Ahmad Abdurrazaq

Nice car

Earl Matthew Avila

I knew it, this car does have CVT Transmission with Manual Shift Ability

Calvin Patrick Stagg

Thank you for a great video as usual,real luxury car,just love toyota,is this crown only sold in Japan? None in Toyota dealers in uk.which is a shame,wonder how much this slice of luxury costs?p

Руслан Брагин

Nica car

Yamar OG

What's the difference between the Majesta and Royal Saloon ?

Alex Kerensky

Awesome car!


Very rare car even in Japan. It's like the VW Phaeton.

Mr Kinjiro



I want this in US plz lol

Дмитрий Лукоянов

Хочу Mark X !!! 


Впечатляющий аппарат.


руками-то поаккуратнее дергай. Почему так небрежно? Не жалко салон машины?


Made for a queen....ME!!!


Why cant this be in the us

Abbas Zaini

Oh my God, we used to dream of having the 90's models of this luxurious, reliable great car, until the 2001 Avalon came along, and no one heard of new Crown after that, it was and still a part of our culture, aahhhhhhhh, Japan and Japanese ..... they were the high standard, Japan was the prototype, where every thing is good, Japanese people the respectful, honest, dedicated. Where is Japan of the 80's and 90's, what happened?? did they shrink ? I lived in a premium residential compound built by a Japanese company in Baghdad for 15 consecutive years of my life, even the cartoons, TV shows and movies affected our personalities in a very good way and motivated us to study more and do better, where is all that now, where is Maroco? where is Takeshi's Castle? where are the Japanese projects and investments in the middle east?

Patrick Sim

10million yen car and no power trunk

Zero Sum

Built by Asian, best for Asian. Nice car! 

kosar mustafa

My friends dad had a old crown it looked amazing this still has elements of that ild one which is very nice 

Bender Rodriguez

Them Japs send the bad thing to us and keep the good thing for them.

Mihai Sirghii


imex stoffe

какая цена этой модели в японии?


Why cant this be in the CCASG

mat vz

cvt - bad


Subscribed because of these great videos on beautiful cars. Great channel


At 5:32 a lovely and very rare Toyota Century V12 . Seek want there.

mohamed g

best than ls?

share Robin


Blake Bias

why are some jdm limited to 180 kph is that like government mandated speed limit

ankhaa battulga

Mercedes S Class max-speed 280 km/h. The Crown 180 km/h?


where is V8? Majesta it is V8) japan muscle car

Михаил Сив

кроун супер


What a beauty! It's an old school Japanese car made today. Too bad we can't even register a car with right side steering wheel in Ukraine (not mentioning import taxes which would rise the price closer to brand new Lexus LS).

Muhammad Rifky Alfandi

Is it the top spec version of the toyota crown

александр че


poundmaster 685

Review America cars like ford crown Victoria like a 2004

poundmaster 685

And also Mercury grand marquis much more rare than the ford crown Victoria

Devin Conlon

What a nice Camry.

Real Boy

Я кончил !



Артур Разумовский

Красота-то какая!



Dmetrius 7

kinda disappointed, only 180 km/h

Dmetrius 7

even my Toyota Land Cruiser 200, has a speed limit of 240 km/n


A toyota to rival the mercedes s class wow